Monday, July 26, 2010

Vacation or Bust

Well we made it home safely from our vacation to New York to see the in-laws and boy was it an ADVENTURE! First and foremost let's discuss the Road Trip! As most of you know I dreaded this trip for several reasons. 1. I am a worry wart, 2. revert to #1.

Let me start by saying the kids did quite well for their first long car ride. We were on the road by 4 a.m. and the kids were bug eyed and smiling in there seats. It took us about 14 hours or so to get to Memphis, TN and that is when they began to snap on us. We got stuck in a rain storm and probably moved about 5 miles in an hour, at this point I saw red in their eyes and snarls in the corners of their mouths. We decided to stop in Nashville for dinner and at that point made the decision to drive straight through!!!! Our logic was simple. If we stopped for the night they would be pissed when they realized we had to get in the car again. In hindsight we probably should have stopped but we kept on and made it to NY by 11 a.m. Saturday morning.

The trip was a blast. In a nutshell, we danced, drank, ran naked in the sprinklers (the kids of course), swam, ate a lot and enjoyed time with the family. The kids were sad to go and while I was sad to go I was ready to come back to my life, and my friends.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Road Trip...

So we're driving out to New York this week with the kids to visit the in-laws..this will be the kids first long car trip. The furthest Dane has ever driven is Waco..nothing like throwing him into the fire head first with a 24 hour car ride!!! Now that I have put it in writing I have to wonder what the F@#$ am I thinking???

On a serious note though, I am terrified. Terrified of having my kids on the road, terrified of the whackadoodles out their driving and not paying attention. Noone prepares you for the anxiety you will have when you become a parent. I never used to be such a paranoid patty about such things until 9 years ago....

September 2001 a dear family friend was murdered on the street I grew up on. He was stabbed to death for trying to stop a neighbors car from being broken into. When I got the call to get to the hospital my life changed forever. That was the day I realized I am not untouchable. That God can't stop bad things from happening just because I pray before I fly, or get in the car. As a result of that day I find myself frozen with fear. I force myself to travel, let the kids go with grandma for the night, etc...

Funny thing is, I don't want to feel this way. I don't want to always be so afraid, I want my kids to live, go on adventures and know that I support them and want them to spread their wings...the question is how do I do it without feeling like I am going to puke?

Sorry for being so deep tonight...this blog is also my way of purging myself of all the crap in my head. Aren't you so lucky? :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Virgin Blogger...

Ok, so I am new to the blogging world but think it will be a fun way to capture all of our day to day fun and new experiences as my little "jumping beans" grow, aka Skylar (3 almost 4) and Dane (2 1/2). Please do not read into my "day to day" wording as literal. I will not be updating this blog daily. I have a hard enough time getting things completed throughout the day already. Oh and for those of you that check punctation, paragraphs, etc...I will do my best, but don't criticize or I will delete your ass!